Shirodhara is an ayurvedic therapy done with a warm blend of essential oils, drizzled onto the forehead (third eye) help calm the nervous system.

Shirodhara is a gentle yet effective treatment that stimulates blood circulation to the brain.

Shirodhara helps in clearing mental fog and nagging thoughts including addiction, and allows the nervous system to clam down.

Its medicinal purposes include the treatment of depression, headaches, sinusitis, anxiety, allergic rhinitis, premature graying of hair, hearing impairment, insomnia, Meniere's disease, skin problems including psoriasis, tinnitus, neurological disorders and vision.



    Available in 2 models
  • Shirodhara oil massage table( frp)
  • Shirodhara oil massage table (wood)
  • Size : 914 mm w, 2438 mm L, 762 mm h
  • MS Structure, shirodhara table made of FRP
  • Light weight but sturdy. Provided with wood design exterior finish or standard finish
  • Detachable table for easy movement
  • Along with Bonasai, mud dhara pathra will be provided to keep the oil warm for longer time
  • Small outlet provided at both ends to collect oil in dhara pathra