Steam shower is a type of bathing, where a humidifying steam generator produces vapor and aspersed around the body. It is essentially a steam room that offers the typical features of a bathroom shower.

Steam room shower prevents the skin from becoming dehydrated and itchy. It takes advantage of a wet heat that is different from the dry heat produced in sauna. Steam room showers open pores for toxins and dirt to drain. It increases blood circulation helps to clear sinuses and nasal passages to free breathing. It is helpful for those who suffer from asthma, bronchitis and allergies. Shower and steam room treatment can also sooth tired and aching muscles.

Additional benefits of steam showers are reducing stress, relaxation, rejuvenating the skin, detoxifying the body, increasing metabolism, cardiovascular fitness, increased circulation, pain relief, enhancing the respiratory system, and aromatherapy.



  • Made of FRP.
  • ½" Hp hot and cold water pump.
  • 3ft w, 31/2ft h.
  • Provide with hand jet pipe with a water spray gun.
  • It enables jet with moderate water pressure.
  • Temperature: 30c-40c
  • Works with normal tap water.
  • Size: 3x2.5x5
  • Height: 28"
  • Provide with ½ HP water pump
  • 1" hot and cold water inlet
  • Switch and regulator to control pressure and flow of water
  • CPVC pipeline
  • Movable wheels


  • Room Size ( Minimum ) 10'*10'
  • Electric load 12 AMPS
  • Plumbing & Sanitary, provide 1" hot & cold water line