This equipment is made of good quality steel with manual height adjustable mechanism indicated for bed ridden patients.



  • Made up of powder coated steel ,Fabricated in rectangular top frame of 220 x 62cms using 50mmx25mm sq.pipes on supporting base frame made of 50mm x25mm x 16guage ERW tubes and 32cm diameter 16guaze round tubes.11/4 rubber bushes are provided, at the leg support .Provided with two separate cranks for Trendelanburg and high —low positions .Provided with 40x6mm Tee sections for the corner supporters 20-25micron zinc plated 12.5mm double nuts and bolt with cap nuts, crank threads and bushes and powder coated finish of 80-110microns.
  • A stopper is provided at 75cms height to prevent over lift damage. All nuts and bolts are galvanized .Double nuts bolting and cap nuts are provided .The hand wheels are connected to 22mm shafts with square thread Weight: 55kgs FEATURES: Height adjustment from 45cm -75cm using hand wheel tilt upto 30 deg. at head end & foot end using another wheel