It is Hydrotherapy treatment. Rain bar having multiple showerhead to align your body, the rain bar can shower your body with a fine mist in order to induce relaxation and altered to stimulate the body.

Massage under the Rain
This gentle massage is an alternative to the traditional body massage. The massage under the rain is a full body massage, while a soothing shower envelops your body.

Body Scrub
The whole body exfoliation will renew our soft and supple skin

Aromatherapy salt glow
Sea salts exfoliation will renew your soft and supple skin

Body Wrap
Relieves any tensions and muscle ache and allow the body to detoxify while wrapped in either soothing mud or seaweed. Finish this service off with blissful rinse under the Vichy shower

The temperature of the water altered form cool to warm to hot, help I circulation if the blood. With its ozone button, the Vichy shower adds extra oxygen to the water allowing the skiing re-vitalized.


Dramatically increase your elimination of waste assisting detoxification

Loosen tense, tight muscles and encourage your relaxation

Increase your metabolic rate and digestion activity

Hydrates your cells improving skin and muscle tone

Boosts your immune system allowing it to function more efficiently

Improve the function of your internal organs by stimulating their blood supply



  • Made of FRP.
  • ½" Hp hot and cold water pump.
  • 3ft w, 31/2ft h.
  • Provide with hand jet pipe with a water spray gun.
  • It enables jet with moderate water pressure.
  • Temperature: 30c-40c
  • Works with normal tap water.
  • Size: 3x2.5x5
  • Height: 28"
  • Provide with ½ HP water pump
  • 1" hot and cold water inlet
  • Switch and regulator to control pressure and flow of water
  • CPVC pipeline
  • Movable wheels


  • Models available as per customer's request