This analogue control digital display electro therapy device which is designed in a compact light weight powered coated chassis and produes low frequency sinosodial impluses for deep transmission by medium frequency modulation and programmed in sweep wave form for better stimulation and fast recovery from the acute & chronics conditions of pain and carrier frequency can also be changed for different impedance conditions with therapy modes and power equalizer of intensity balanced control. Unit can be used for a specific or conditional treatement by selecting treatement for desired time level for routine and different features can be selected for available for fast and easy recovery. The unit has built in 2 Ch. T.E.N.S. with 8 different programes modes.


  • Reduces painful symptoms.
  • Decreases local sweeling.
  • Promotes muscles tone.
  • Restore normal movements.
  • Releases the body's natural pain killer.
  • Accelerate the healing process.


Exercise Table with cushion top made of CRC frame Table is comletely powered coated with locking bolts and torque assembly. Suitable for all kind knee exercises. Also available with adjustable back rest.

    Technical Specification
  • Height 27".
  • Width 26".
  • Length 24".
  • Mattress 2" .

  • 1.Torque Assembly : 1pc.
  • 2. Rubber Weight : 6 Kgs.


  • Input Voltage:220V Ac 50 Hz.
  • Display:LCD / FND Display Intensity: 99mA
  • Frequency:2, 2.5, 4 Khz, Base Freq: 0-150 Hz Sweep Freq: 0-100 Hz
  • Therapy Modes:4P IFT, 4P Vectors, 2P Modulations
  • Sweep Program: Rectangular wave ΠΠΠΠΠ 1/1, Traingular Wave 1/5, Trapezoidal Wave 6/6
  • Pre Fixed Program: 55