This applicance is latest developement with fully Solid state microprocessor Controled unit, with digital timer & intensity display and is very lightweight compact and protable.The sound head with a special transducer is designedto keep a very good skin contact for deep ultrasound therapy. The ultrasonic waves differ from other electromagnetic radiation such as short wave, microwave etc. as the energy is propagated as machanical vibrations and gives a massaging effect to the deep tender part of the muscle.

This is very effective in neuromuscular and muscular skeletal diseases including arthritis, sinusitis etc. The sound head generator minimizes heat and thus eliminates any discomfort of the patient.


  • Operating modes: Cont.Pulse Mode
  • Cont. Mode ratio:1
  • Pulswe mode ratio: 1:2,1:4,1:6 , 1:8, 1:10, 1:16
  • Operating Frequency: 1Mhz & 3Mhz
  • Output: 15 Watts Max Continuous Mode,21 Watts MaxPulse Mode
  • Ultrasonic Power Density: Up to 3.5 Watts /Cm2
  • Treatment Time : 0 to 99 Minutes
  • Power Supply: 190-210 Volts
  • Pre-fixed Programs:45